About Us

Networkers Palace is an advertising, marketing, & online business opportunity. It is an investment platform that helps business minded people to grow in their networks.

Networkers Palace is also registered with different network marketing companies that will help their members to earn a residual income, therefore you will automatically be registered with the amount that will be deducted from your first investment.

This is also a company that helps those who loves network marketing but are lazy to recruit, we recruit on your behalf. Business minded people will also be able to raise the funds with this platform to grow their businesses. We only everyone to participate.

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Our Services

Business Opportunity

The Company provides opportunities of owning   businesses to everyone through over 8 networking companies that are working together with Networkers Palace without any effort of recruiting, also provides the opportunity to build up revenues through it’s investment channel

Marketing Services

Networker’s Palace does research of the industry and get information or news for its clients, The company involves itself with the community in all the South African provinces in terms of presentations, trainings, workshops and exhibition.

Advertising Services

According to the research there is no company, that can be successful without advertisement. Therefore Networkers Palace has taken the responsibility to do all the necessary advertisement on behalf of its members or clients

Our Services